People are really scary.

And I want to run away from all of them and live on the island of cats off the coast of Japan.

No one is invited. 


Show your stripes
Photographed and styled by Venetia Scott; W magazine August 2014. 


Selected works from Natalya Lobanova.

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Emilia Clarke - Flare Magazine - April 2014


Female Filmmaker Friday: Sweetie, 1989 (dir. Jane Campion)


Les Beehive – Mia Wasikowska for Interview by Craig McDean, August 2014

Anjelica Huston and her then boyfriend, Jack Nicholson, at Telluride Film Festival in 1975, when the actor was lauded for “being perfectly attuned to the mystic vibrations of a particular period.”


Gonna keep a tally of messages I get from a) white feminists completely proving my point and b) people who think this comic proves feminism is worthless because I criticized one part of it. (Even despite me writing these words underneath the comic.) Then I’ll add them all up, see which column has more, and then drink myself to sleep either way.
Haha… this is why we can’t have nice things.